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Statues in color and faux taxidermy animal heads, please go to our shop:

favorites from latest pinning.

wallpaper comes from (such a beautiful selection too)

Happy Saturday!

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Need some faux taxidermy animal heads and a noble Chief? We have them in our shop on Etsy! Any head can be in any color from gold, hot pink, lemon yellow, black, turquoise, mint, you have the color in mind, we can match it. 

Please visit us on

We also have an array of other colorful and odd pieces like animals, to geometric shapes, to masks, and some vintage items. We’ll see you there!

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Summer color, here we come! light, bright, cheery, fresh, and SUMMERY!

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There are a lot of different and terrific textures, and patterns, and color in interior design. There are ALSO great textures, patterns, colors, hair styles, accessories that also make great design and pull it all together in the way we look. Sometimes, it’s great when things don’t match,or don’t even make sense, but somehow they do with out looking contrived. Here are some fun examples of uniqueness, style, color, hair, and accessories that make that part of design super interesting, (well, to me at least). Also don’t forget to check out Etsy for some really unique ideas on fashion and accessories (apparel,bags, shoes, necklaces, and other stuff).

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Pink is such a lovely, yet cheerful color! It brings life to a room and a great unexpected touch of fun, and elegance. In our home we have a lot of turquoise, teal, yellow, greens and white. I’m thinking of bringing more pink in, (if husband agrees), besides our hot pink pillows, :) to add a dash of perFUN-ity of perfection! (doesn’t make sense but who cares!) ;) hee hee hee, (thanks Mark-Anthony for the sarcastic words). :) :) :) Click on a picture so see it better. A lot of the time, these photos are cut-off and can’t see the “true glory” of the whole picture. :)

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Colored Pillows

To spruce up a sofa, a chair, or a bed, using color can be interesting, here are some suggestions in bringing a little dab of color to your sitting areas. 

Pillows come from: Jonathan Adler and the rest on Etsy! Etsy has such a wide range of gorgeous pillows, from kids pillow, to sofa pillows, to doggie pillows, to poofs. We like to support smaller business, therefore we shop Etsy. :) :)

If you’re reading from FB, please click on the link for more colored and fun-filled pillow ideas!

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To put color to use in a home, where it can make you feel cozy, or cheerful, just plain rad, brings so much, to your living space.  Sometimes using color in an “extravagant” way, (meaning a lot), can be scary, sure, but if you’re thinking about it , I encourage you to experiment.  step out and say, “it’s going to be ok.” Try using colors that you don’t normally go for of feel safe with.

Putting color in a home, doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in fact, I encourage it not being an arm and a leg. Remember, you can always change things up with paint, wallpaper, colored furniture, (where there is A LOT now a days), and instead of looking for another tan pillow, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), perhaps looks for a zig-zag lemon yellow one, or a teal one, or even hot pink. Bringing color brings life and enthusiasm. It brings joy and you can look around your home and feel alive!

Color is your friend. :) It takes time, it takes effort, and it takes going out of one’s normal realm of comfort.

Thanks for reading!

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DIY ideas!

Oh how I love these wonderful and super fun ideas for a diy project… only to find the time!! My favorite is the striped, colorful floor, and the spoons would be a super fun project with the kids. Todd Oldham has a great book on projects you can do with your kids called: “Kids Made Modern”, if you wanted to check that out. The floors would be fantastic to do, but not sure if Mark-Anthony would be totally excited about doing more work. :) :)  One simple thing is do just add paint, (color everywhere), to a canvas. Can’t get a hold of canvas, no problem, about a piece of wood.  I used to go searching on streets for a piece of wood, especially by construction sites, and paint on those. Something about painting on wood that feels so right! We, (also you), maybe too busy for diy projects, our jobs, our kids, our other activities usually grab a lot of our time, but I have to say that it’s fun to put our diy ideas in our back pocket for that one diligent day of, “LET’S DO THIS!” ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Incredible rooms, incredible chandeliers. I love the vintage feel along side of the modern feel. I like the “risk taking” color on the walls, and I love the care and thought of picking these incredible pieces, from chairs, to lighting, to zebra rug, to color of furniture and walls. A big THANK YOU, also to Christy, Chelsea, Caitlin, and others for pinning these are Pinterest. Exciting stuff!

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Different art really gets me going, especially with certain color combinations. I tend to lean more on the abstract or vintagey feel type art but color is most important to me. Even if Mark-Anthony painted a huge painting with one color and put the right color “X” on it, I would be thrilled. :)

Here are some super fun art pieces that I really enjoy. I could post a gazillion of these but then the picture gets smaller and smaller, as I post on this blog, and I/you would not be able to see it. So baby-steps, adding a few at a time. For more art ideas, please go to our Pintererst page: Mark-Anthony&Christine Rice and look under “Art”.  There are so many other “things” I want to post but very little time these days. These types of pieces give me ideas for our own home. It’s fun to change things up every once in a while and it’s neat to have a husband who’s with me on this and cooperates/willing, so-to-speak. 

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I’ve had the privilege in meeting  talented woman who makes mini embroidery hoop necklaces, brooches and wall art. I posted a blog entry and somehow I deleted it on Facebook. For more scoop on Dandelyne please “re-visit” my blog, and see the other previous entry I just put in. :) Her work is amazing! She’s on fb, and etsy. Please see my previous entry for ALLLLL of that information, and more photos.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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I’ve had the privilege of meeting a fantastic and creative artist, her name is Sonia and she has a wonderful shop called “dandelyne”. She is from Melbourne, Australia and has created this collection of mini embroidery hoop necklaces, brooches, and wall art.  She expects the highest of standards and it’s all about the details. 

I love the cute creations she has made along with the color choice and unique idea. You should go check out her shop on Etsy! Also, follow her on her journey, (love the before and after pics and other fun things she has shared), on her Facebook page.  Here’s where to find her! So adorable, so fresh, and just cuteness oozing out!

Instagram: search for Sonni Lyne
Website: (still in progress)

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