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Expand The Creativity!

When I look at creative design, my heart really goes pitter-pat. Ok, so maybe not everybody is constantly looking at different designs for rooms but this is my hobby, this is what I loved to do. Yes, of course, so there are 4 children that need to be fed, and helped with their homework, and play dodgeball with, but when it’s the right time for me to look and search and Pin on Pinterest, yep, I’m there. Of course, I need to be careful about how MUCH time I’m spending because this can not take over my life, and it hasn’t, thus far, but I’m grateful to be able to get inspired by color and design and the way others put things together. Our place is, maybe well….colorful, but when I get inspired, I’m looking around our house and “getting ideas”, (ideas which my husband is a little if-y about), because then that means we’re going to do more work, my grateful that he’s on board. We have so much paint in our garage, it’s coming out of our ears, (but this is a good thing). It’s just fun to change things up and experiment, and not to say that I’m ungrateful for what I have. But change is good, and my husband and I like change, we enjoy while it last…..then change it! God gave us all talents, and I’m humbled and grateful that there are people out there with out-there thinking design capabilities.  How fantastic is THAT? If we all thought the same, (with tans, and maroons-not that there’s anything wrong with that), this world wouldn’t be as colorful as it could be. And perhaps that’s what our company is trying to do, a little bit of color here, and a little bit of color there, so splish-splash around the house.  So, I say, ONWARD!!!!  Pictures are from different websites, blogs, and Pinterest. Go find us on Pinterest under: Mark-Anthony &Christine Rice! Now get inspired! :)  Thanks for reading! 

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